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July 5, 2022

SHI  Government Solutions - UTSSCA5514

Preferred Supplier Agreement UTSSCA5514 with SHI for computer peripherals, accessories, software and related technical support services expires 6/30/22.  The Alliance is in the final stages (BAFO evaluation, award, executed contract) of RFP UTS/A84 which will result in one or more replacement agreement(s) for these products.  In the interim, SHI has agreed to continue to quote/sell products and services included in the scope of UTSSCA5514 at the prices and terms set forth in that Agreement and SHI’s quotes will contain a statement indicating that the pricing and terms governing the quotation are as set forth in Preferred Supplier Agreement UTSSCA5514.  When one or more new contracts are in place, we will follow-up with another NEWS FLASH announcing the contract number(s), effective dates, etc.


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