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The Center for Enhancing Philanthropy accomplishes its purpose through two primary service areas:

  1. Data and Assessments

  2. Professional Development

From the vantage point of monitoring fundraising results across the UT System and the nation, CEP looks for emerging trends and best practices, and suggests where a strategic investment of resources might make a difference and/or takes action to bring its findings and solutions to insitutional advancement leaders.

As a commitment to the development profession, higher education, and academic medicine, CEP and OER leadership make presentations at regional and national conferences, serve on national forums, and are available to meet with other institutional and System leaders to share best practices.


Data and Assessments

CEP gathers, prepares and evaluates data and UT institutions' fundraising programs with a few tools:

  • Annual Institutional Development/Advancement Reviews
    CEP's customized institutional development reviews provide presidents and vice presidents of development measurements for critical factors (such as overall giving, sources and designation of gifts, program performance, staffing, and ROI); and show institutional progress and performance against peers and national benchmarks. Delivered personally, these reviews include suggestions for the use of additional institutional resources, personnel, and programs that will improve philanthropy. Likewise, CEP provides an executive summary of System-wide development results and recommendations to the UT System Board of Regents that enables the Board to monitor performance and consider where additional resources could be strategically applied to improve philanthropy.

  • Fundraising campaign approval processing
    UT institutions are required to have Board of Regents' approval to launch a comprehensive fundraising campaign. As part of that process, an institution’s campaign plan and timetable, goals, internal readiness, leadership, and philanthropic capacity are reviewed with the appropriate institutional leadership and Development/Advancement leadership. A collegial discussion leads to campaign approval or recommended steps to assure campaign readiness.

Professional Development

Along with input from institutional vice presidents, data and analysis inform and shape the training and education services offered to UT institutions' Development and Advancement teams to "Grow Our Own."

  • At the heart of an expanded CEP is the Advancement Academy, the first of its kind university system-led training program. The Academy offers the opportunity for approximately 900 advancement professionals throughout the UT System to improve their professional skills. Sensitive to the importance of career development, Academy programs are designed for the new hire, rising star, and high-performing professional. 
  • Summer Boot Camp is a special Academy feature offered in conjunction with the Talent Management program. Boot camp is a one and a half day experience designed for new hires and newly promoted individuals. It provides them with an overview of the UT System and how to navigate it successfully, career development suggestions, basic skills in their field, and an opportunity to network. 
  • On a biennial basis a System Seminar is convened for all UT advancement professionals including development, communications, marketing, and public affairs officers to meet and learn from experts and each other through a structured two-day program. Awards are presented by the Chancellor for exemplary results and programs. 
  • Customized training is also available to UT institutions to meet their particular needs. These training and education opportunities include but are not limited to training with deans, development boards, and specific staff members.

With philanthropy playing an ever increasing role in the future of UT institutions, the demand for good talent far outpaces the supply. The ability to attract and retain people with the right skills and fit for UT fundraising programs is of utmost importance. To that end, CEP offers the following: